Podcast: Finance Episodes

8.9% of Veterans enter into the Financial Services Industry after their military service. This includes Investment Banking, Private Wealth Management, Private Equity, and a whole host of career options. Below are interviews covering many of these potential careers in the world of Finance.

BTU #134 - Founding Alpha Architect (Wes Gray)

BTU#102 - Christopher Perkins: Marines to Managing Director at Citi


BTU #39: Frank Van Buren - Blackhawk pilot to 18 years in Financial Services at Wells Fargo

BTU #25: Lee Haney - Marines to Goldman Sachs and Hewlett Packard Enterprise


BTU #145 - Active Duty to Goldman Sachs Private Wealth Advisor (Andrew Neuwirth)

BTU #41 - Steven Muller: Submarines to Finance to Google, setting your path


BTU #24 - Vic Perez: Submarines to a Wall Street Trader

BTU #83 - Chris Dattaro: Navy to Goldman Sachs to Operations at Lyft


BTU #49 - SEALs to to Startup CFO (John Quarles)


Additional Episodes: