Podcast: Operations Episodes

Over 28% of military Veterans enter into a Functional Role of Operations. This could be an entry-level Operations position all the way to the most senior Operations position: the Chief Operations Officer (COO). Every single industry has Operations positions, so the episodes below look at operations in Finance, Non-Profits, Technology, and more.

BTU #27 - A career in operations at startups (Katie Horgan)

BTU #67 - Operations at Facebook, Google, Pinterest, and more (don Faul)


BTU #75 - Marines to COO of Galvanize and raising $63M in funding (Ben Deda)

BTU #149: Marines to Finance & COO @ Alpha Architect (Patrick Cleary)


BTU #109: COO at the startup GoodWorld (John Gossart)

BTU #105 - COO at the non-profit Hire Heroes USA (nathan smith)


BTU #83 - Navy to Operations at Lyft  (Chris Dattaro)

BTU #71 - 25 Years of Army Counter Terrorism to COO at the Guardian Group (Jeff Tiegs)


BTU #55 - Air Force to Operations at Google (Ashley Snyder)

BTU #47 - Army to Operations at LinkedIn  (Tom Pae)

Additional Operations Interviews: