BTU #55 - Ashley Snyder: Air Force Medical Services corps to Google operations

“Even getting my foot in the door at Google, once I had my foot in the door I had so many opportunities open. I was able to network, meet other veterans and learn about what they're doing. And that's why after one year I was in a role that I liked. It wasn't a perfect match - I was able to get into a role that I really like and it feels like a role I can do for the next five years."– Ashley Snyder

Ashley Snyder is the Global Process Manager, Finance Operations at Google. She started out at the US Air Force Academy, where she studied Operations Research and was a Distinguished Grad. After the Air Force Academy she went on to MIT, where she earned her Masters in Operations Research, while also serving at Draper Laboratories as a Operations Research Analyst. She then served for five years in the Air Force in a variety of capacities as part of the Medical Services corps, including positions as

  • A Manager of TriCare Operations
  • Budget, Manpower, and Resources Program Manager
  • Business Plan Consultant working directly for the hospitals executive group
  • And eventually the Executive Assistant for Pacific Air Forces Surgeon General

She went directly from the Air Force to Google, starting out as an Operations Manager in the Global Sales Operations group.

In this conversation, we cover a lot of topics, including:

  • How Ashley used career fairs to find her way from the Air Force directly to Google
  • Advice Ashley has for other veterans about getting in to Google and finding your ideal job once you're inside
  • An overview of career paths for someone in operations inside and outside of Google
  • And much, much more…

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Show Notes

  • 1:40 - Ashely's background
  • 2:53 - An overview of Ashley's role at Google
  • 3:38 - A day in the life of Ashley at Google
  • 5:02 - An overview of Ashley's first role at Google as an Operations Manager and how she got her job at Google
  • 8:22 - How Ashely faced an unexpected transition from the Air Force
  • 10:22 - How Google initially found her way to Google through a NUPOC conference
  • 13:50 - An overview of the Google application process and advice to other veterans seeking to work at Google
  • 15:50 - Additional resources Ashley would recommend to prepare for your career transition
  • 17:40 - Why Ashley decided against getting another advanced degree prior to going to industry at Google
  • 23:00 - Ashley's focus on operations and how it relates to finance
  • 25:20 - Habits that Ashely has tried to keep from the Air Force and habits she's tried to change
  • 30:30 - How leadership at Google has differed from leadership in the military
  • 33:00 - The most challenging aspect of working at Google
  • 34:46 - In general, a few possible career paths for someone in operations at Google
  • 37:40 - Indications that you may enjoy operations at Google and indications that it may not be the best fit for you
  • 39:30 - One of the biggest surprises about Ashley's transition from the military to the civilian workforce
  • 42:45 - Advice that Ashley would give to herself prior to leaving the military
  • 44:04 - For someone on active duty, a few resources Ashley would recommend
  • 47:36 - Final words of wisdom