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Steve Reinemund on Beyond the Uniform, former CEO of Pepsi

Steve Reinemund
CEO of Pepsi

Nate Boyer – former Seattle Seahawk

Nate Boyer
Seattle Seahawk

Nick Taranto, CEO of Plated

Nick Taranto
Co-Founder & CEO, Plated

gordan logan sport clips

Gordan Logan
Founder & CEO, Sport Clips

Jason Hodell CEO of Skullcandy

Jason Hodell
CEO of Skullcandy

liz carmouche

Liz Carmouche

Hank Hughes Academy Award Nominee

Hank Hughes
Academy Award Nominee


Sunny Anderson
Food Network | NYT best selling author

Tim Kennedy - UFC Champion & TV Host

Tim Kennedy
UFC Champion & TV Host

BG (Ret) Carol Eggert - ComcastNBC Universal

Brigadier General (Ret) Carol Eggert
SVP @ ComcastNBC Universal

Evan Hafer – Founder/CEO, Black Rifle Coffee Company

Evan Hafer
Founder & CEO, Black Rifle Coffee Company

Alejandro Villanueva – Pittsburgh Steelers

Alejandro Villanueva
Pittsburgh Steelers


I love your show! I am a Soldier who is preparing to make the transition to the next phase of my career after 30 years of service. I have greatly benefited from your podcast: a great way to gain insights from veterans who have made successful career transitions! Justin asks great questions and does a phenomenal job eliciting key insights and “lessons learned” from your guests.
— George S., Colonel @ US Army
Thank you for what you do with this podcast. For me it has really given me a great foundation for thinking about transition, removed many misconceptions and added a sense of realism for what transition will look like. The end comes for us all eventually in uniform so when my time comes I know I’ll be able to generate a solid plan with the tools you have provided. What is so great is you have a provided a platform where we as military can be a fly on a wall which may remove a solid year or two of networking from our process to gain the same level of information/perspective. Personally I listen to BTU with as much enthusiasm as I do Tim Ferris and others.
— Brian P, Commander @ US Navy
The first time I heard BTU, you had Justin Walker on from Bunker Labs. That podcast inspired me to reach out to him and connect. We totally hit it off and I ended up getting in to the Launch Lab because of him – which just so happened to be the exact time I quit my job and became an entrepreneur.
— Natalie O., Navy Veteran
I have used just about everything you both taught me not only for myself but for many other service members thinking of transitioning out or getting ready to transition. I’ve really looked at myself, my work, my family, the way i interact with people and many other things from a completely different perspective than before Beyond the Uniform.
— Al P, Army Veteran