Podcast: Sports & Arts Episodes

I've combined Sports and Arts into one category, as so few Veterans pursue this path (about 3% of Veterans). However, what I find most inspiring about each of these stories is that they often involve taking extreme steps to pursue one's dream. Even if you don't have an intention to pursue a career in Sports or Arts, I believe each of these stories has valuable lessons about taking a road less traveled. 

BTU #95 - Navy to Full-time Author (Andrew Watts)

BTU #113 - Army to President of the Florida Panthers (Matthew Caldwell)


BTU #84 - Army Green Beret to the NFL (nate boyer)

BTU #62 - Army to Academy Award Nominee (hank hughes)


BTU #93 - Marines to Editor & Host at SB Nation (Matt Ufford:

BTU #52 - Army to Photographer with ESPN, Playboy and more (chris Pestel)


BTU #106 - Under Armour and Athletes of Valor (Alex Stone)

BTU #94 - Navy to NFL Super Bowl Winner (Phil McConkey

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