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Networking 101 - Intro & Identification

This is the first in a series of videos talking about how members of the Armed Forces can use networking to identify their next career, as well as learn how to succeed in their first role. In the 160+ interviews I've done, networking is one of the most commonly cited keys to success by my guest. In this series of videos we'll cover everything you need to know to do this successfully.

Networking 102 - Targetting


BTU #236 - Verizon Panel with Tommy Jones, Robert Brandt, and Hetor Milan

BTU  #138 - USNA '02 Presentation

I was able to give a brief overview at my Naval Academy Class of 2002 Reunion this last weekend about my work with Beyond the Uniform - it's origins, where we're going, and where I need help. You can watch the 10-minute video presentation below:


BTU  #153 - The Dip (Book Review)

This is a book review of Seth Godin's book, The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit (and When to Stick). I think this is a great book for both Active Duty members of the military, as well as transitioned veterans. It talks about figuring out what you want to be the best at, and going all-in on that one thing. Anticipating the setbacks that will come along the way, and also recognizing when a fight is un-win-able (or not worth the effort).

BTU 147 - Founding Sport Clips Haircuts & Building 1700 Franchises (Gordon Logan)

In the past I’ve interviewed veterans involved in Franchises. Gordon started a company that has become a franchise with over 1,700 locations, and many of their franchise owners are veterans. He gives an incredibly vivid look at what it is like to start and grow a company, how to remain fresh and grow with your business, and how failures are never final.