Podcast: High Tech Episodes

Whether they are starting a high technology company or joining one, there is no shortage of Veterans who enter into High Tech. Here are some of the most popular episodes about high  tech.

BTU #88 - Zach & Drew - two Navy vets team up to raise $13M for Rhumbix

BTU #67 Don Faul: A Leading Veteran in Silicon Valley (Facebook, Google, Pinterest)


BTU #107 - Elijah Crane: SEALS to ABC's Shark Tank & Bottle Breacher

BTU #110: Co-Founding Plated & Raising $55M (Nick Taranto)


BTU #132 - Active Duty to Chick-fil-A Franchise Owner (Marlon Terrell)

BTU #60 - Matt Miller: Air Force Pilot to Vending Machine Empire


BTU #68 - John Lee Dumas: Army to EOFire and over $205k a month in revenue

BTU #45 - Launching a Satellite Startup and Selling to Google for $500M


BTU # 124 - Founding and growing GoRuck from $0 to $15M in revenue (Jason McCarthy)

BTU #63 - Todd Ehrlich: From SEALs to Founder of Kill Cliff


BTU #99 - Army Sergeant to President of USA's 592nd Fastest Growing Company

BTU #111: Two sibling Army Vets and Their Two Successful Startups


BTU #109: 20 years Army Vet sells a startup to Mercedes, and co-founds GoodWorld


BTU #59 - Army to starting (and 11 years later selling) his own consulting company


BTU# 40 - Founding a company while in the Army and following your passion

BTU #65 - Army to Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of Four Companies

Additional Episodes: