BTU #127 - Preparing on Active Duty for a Career in Financial Planning (Forrest Baumhover)

"I really thought that a cornerstone of my business development plan was to take advantage of my ability to retire from my final duty station - to look around my community - and find ways to build relationships over time that I could then build upon when I started [my business]." -  Forrest Baumhover

Special thanks to Ryan Guina at Cash Money Life and  The Military Wallet, episode #61, for introducing me to Forrest.

Forrest Baumhover recently retired from 24 years in the Navy, first as a hospital corpsman, then as a Supply Corps Officer. While on Active Duty he became a certified Financial Planner and started a fee-only financial planning practice, Westchase Financial Planning. He also runs the site, Military in Transition.

Why to Listen:

Forrest anticipated his transition very early on and prepared for starting his own company in a very proactive way. This is also my first interview with a financial planner, and may be an interesting career path for other veterans.

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Show Notes

  • You have taken a very proactive approach to planning for your transition - can you tell us more about when that started and how you’ve gone about it?
  • What drew you to financial planning?
  • Could you share more about what you do at Westchase Financial Planning?
  • What was your experience like at the College for Financial Planning?
  • How do you balance Active Duty with preparing to transition?
  • What advice do you have for listeners about their personal finances and preparing for the transition?
  • Good resources for finances