Podcast: Management Consulting Episodes

5% of Veterans enter into the Management Consulting Industry, making this the 5th most popular career choice for military Veterans. The resources and interviews below will provide an overview of what this career path looks like and common companies at which to work..

BTU #144 - Active Duty to the Boston Consulting Group (Kristen Sproat Colley)

BTU 143: Active Duty to Consultant at Bain & Co. (Trevor Miller)

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Want to dive deeper?

Veterans in Consulting is a 68-page book and eBook that combines an analysis of over 4,000 Veterans working in Management Consulting, as well as over ten hours of qualitative interviews. It provides an overview of what consulting is, why Veterans may like (or hate) it, tips for interviewing, common career paths, salary information and  more.


BTU #12 - consulting at booz allen Hamilton & getting a phd

BTU #29 - Eric Hulbert: Navy Aviation to BofA to the Boston Consulting Group


BTU #15 - Tom Spahn: Law School, Corporate Law, and Management Consulting

BTU #1 - Blake Lindsay: Active Duty to Consulting @ McKinsey & Co.