BTU #8 - Tim Hsia: Boost Your Acceptance Rate to College & Grad School

“Service 2 School is a free service for Veterans; we pair you with someone from your background...and in order to get into best school possible for you, we help you TRAIN: that's taking you through Test prep, Resume review, Application & essay assistance, Interviewing and Networking."– Tim Hsia

Of every interview I've done so far, this it the one I would most recommend to every single military veteran - enlisted and officer.Tim Hsia received his JD and MBA from Stanford after serving as a Captain in the US Army. While at Stanford, Tim co-founded two companies; one sold to the Stanford Daily, and the second is still in operation. This organization - Service 2 School - is a free resource for all veterans to help them get into the best school (college or grad school) for them.

In this conversation, we cover a lot of topics, including:

  • His decision to leave the US Army
  • Why he chose to get two degrees at the same time, and which one he would recommend to other veterans
  • The power of internships to help you find your ideal job
  • How Service 2 School will help you find the right school for you and get in
  • Common misconceptions he sees in veterans when considering schools
  • What his time in the Venture Capital Industry was like
  • And much, much more…
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iTurnes Beyond the Uniform
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Stitcher Beyond the Uniform

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Show Notes

  • [1:54] Background
  • [3:38] Choosing to leave the Army
  • [5:18] Choosing a JD / MBA instead of directly to Industry
  • [11:45] Getting an internship if you don't go to grad school
  • [14:55] Taking a long-term view on your career
  • [19:20] Starting Service 2 School to help veterans with college & grad school applications
  • [24:45] How Service 2 School is the best free resource for Veterans on earth
  • [31:57] Most common mistakes / misconceptions that military personnel have in their transition
  • [36:45] Advice on whether or not to pursue education after transition from the military
  • [39:43] Considering an Executive Education Program vs. a Traditional Program
  • [42:11] An overview on Venture Capital from Tim's internship experience
  • [47:00] The most surprising aspect about the transition from military life