BTU #304 - Army to Production Supervisor (Chris Lee)

BTU #304 - Army to Production Supervisor (Chris Lee)

Why Listen

This is the first interview I’ve done with a Production Supervisor, and it is a fantastic way to start with this career field. Chris does perhaps the best job of any guest I’ve had on the show of breaking down what this role looks like - what it looks like across industries and different sized companies, including pay scales, as well as the specific traits from the military that will help you - and hinder you - in this career path. We also talk about differences in communication when you leave the military, and how to approach this in a way that will be easier for you; the unpredictability inherent in the civilian job market; how leadership differs from one industry to the next and more.

About Chris

Chris Lee is a Production Supervisor at PCC Structurals, and has spent over 5 years in the functional role of Production Supervisor in a variety of industries. He started out at West Point, and served as an Infantry Officer in the Army for 8 years, with two deployments to Afghanistan.