BTU #300!!!

— Justin Nassiri

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Why Listen:

In 300 episodes completed, this is a first of a kind - a celebration, backstory, and variety show extravaganza. Thanks to all of you who have supported us in achieving this milestone! Steve and Justin co-host the 300th Episode.

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  • StoryBox- People trust each other more than advertising. StoryBox provides the tools and supports businesses need to take the best things customers say about them, and use them to drive more sales and referrals. StoryBox offers a 10% discount to companies employing veterans of the US Armed Forces.

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Opening and Intro 

How did we get here?

  • Justin, what led you to start BTU?  Explain to new listeners as to why you started this?

  • What’s it been like putting yourself out there?

BTU Growth in past year:

  • Episode downloads increase by 106% (in 78 countries)

  • Website traffic increase by 89%

  • Newsletter subscription increase by 92%

BTU as the Connective Tissue.  A vehicle for Good People to help Good People

Listener Success Stories

  • Natalie Oliverio (#279).  Went from listener to a Bunker Labs event to starting her own company (Military Talent Partners) to a guest on the show.  Full circle.

  • Interview upcoming with Tyler Johnston (Black & Veatch); long-time listener referred to us for an interview by John Allen (#155 / Elite Meet). Will air in October 2019.

  • Mitch Howie (#255).   Aspiring Air Force SJA reached out to Mitch for an informational interview.  Mitch took the call with her and she had her SJA interview on 8/12/19. 

  • Kathleen Dillon – “My last couple years in the Coast Guard, I was stationed in Fort Dix but lived in Philadelphia so had an hour commute every morning and evening. Randomly stumbled upon BTU and started listening to an episode every day during the commute. Hearing that veterans were finding success in literally every sector of business really opened my eyes up to the possibilities and resources that were available to me post-CG.”

  • Steve  - “I interviewed Seth Jordan (#91) for an hour and wrote a paper on him for an entrepreneurship class with my Syracuse MBA.  Frequent mentorship from Seth Jordan, John Fenzel (#199), Kill Anderson (#182), Chris Dattaro (#83 / Lyft) and Mike Sarraille (#246 / Echelon Front Overwatch).”

  • Mark Wernig - “I’ve found inspiration and learned a few lessons about relationship management in hearing the stories of others as I’ve navigated a professional pivot into finance after 11 years of active duty. Thank you for what you do on behalf of the veteran community.”

  • Doug Nordman (#81) - “Aloha, Justin, and congratulations on reaching 300 episodes! Very few podcasters can claim that milestone. I don’t have any jaw-dropping, pulse-pounding success stories. I’m just continuing to enjoy more than 17 years of financial independence and military retirement. Our Hawaii lifestyle has grown to include months of global slow travel as well as surfing and everything else we can handle. Our 4% Safe Withdrawal Rate has succeeded far beyond expectations, and we’ve confirmed that our assets will last longer than us. Life is good, and I’ll keep writing books & blog posts on military personal finance.”

  • Kevin Bubolz - “When I started thinking about my transition, I figured I’d go into operations or project management because that’s what I knew. After my first BTU episode I realized I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I started to eagerly wait for every episode as I learned something new with each one. Frank Van Buren’s (#39) episode resonated with me because of our similar aviation backgrounds. I had just created my LinkedIn profile and figured I’d try to connect. Not only did he accept, but he offered to chat. We had an excellent conversation and continue to regularly engage with each other’s content. BTU has opened my eyes to the endless opportunities post military and made me feel confident about my transition. Thank you Justin, Steve, and the rest of the team for all that you do. The amount of lives you’ve changed is incredible.”

  • Matthew Maxcy - “I have only been an intermittent listener of BTU, but each episode provides a valuable perspective for transitioning veterans, in whatever stage they find themselves. As a recently separated Army officer (less than 1 year out), I found Natalie Oliverio's (#279) comments helpful when she echoed the common feeling of being like a fish out of water and trying to find your way in the civilian world. She used the analogy of feeling like you were held back a couple of years in school, which really resonated with me, because I never understood just how much my peers were learning and experiencing in their civilian career fields while I was in the Army, until I got out and felt a little outmatched by fellow MBA classmates. Each episode teaches me that I have to strike a delicate balance between being confident with the skills and experiences I possess, while also knowing that I need to always strive for excellence in different competencies that are more directly suited to a new career, because my skills in those areas are underdeveloped.”

  • Ryan Patnode - “First and foremost, the BTU podcast gave me the confidence and strength to maneuver through my transition from the Army. The stories your guests would share were the exact same stories and feelings I have been experiencing. The advice and virtual mentorship provided from BTU allowed me to focus on being the best at what I am doing now (Billy Hurley (#280)) and not continually worry about work/life balance (Steve Cannon (#288)) because if I am doing it right, those things will fall into place.”

  • Chris Elam - “I just finished 10 years of active duty with the Army, and am starting my next career at McKinsey as an Implementation Associate next month. I first got interested in strategy consulting and the top three firms during the webinar you hosted with the vets at BCG and Bain (as I recall, the McKinsey vet got stuck in traffic). That event got me excited about this potential new direction and I'm very grateful. Thank you for what you do for the veteran community!”


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