BTU #19 - Veteran Sales Hacks (a 5 Min Video About Networking)

For the podcast, while I normally interview veterans about their civilian career, today I wanted to mix things up. One of the recurring themes of my show has been the importance of networking. Today, I take you through a 5  minute video overview of powerful - and free - tools you can use to take your networking and outreach to the next level. Video:

Related Links:

  • LinkedIn for Veterans - a must have tool for everyone in the galaxy
  • Rapportive - Provides social profile info for emails, and is helpful at guessing emails for cold outreach
  • Boomerang - lots of helpful tools here, but the one I reference is reminding you if the person you email does not respond within a set time period
  • - cut down on all the back and forth of scheduling with; it's like having a virtual assistant, but for free
  • Beyondtheuniform_email_help_for_veterans - a free excel spreadsheet that will help you identify the top 9 most common email formats