BTU #136: Survey Results & BTU Updates

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Why to Listen | Sponsors | Transcript & Time Stamps | Comments

Why to Listen: 

Thanks to all of you who completed the November 2017 survey about the types of interviews you'd like to hear in 2018, and your suggestions to improve the show. I wanted to share the results of this survey, and a bit more information on where Beyond the Uniform is headed.

Our Sponsor: 

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Transcript & Time Stamps: 

Thank those of you who took the time to answer my survey about the types of interviews you’d like to hear in 2018. Honestly, this was an enormous boost of encouragement - I read each and every response, and so very much appreciated the incredibly kind, uplifting, and encouraging messages you took the time to write.

It can be difficult to assess the impact this show is having on the veteran community, and I was very touched by the notes you shared in the survey about how this is helping you in your career. So the survey gave me not only some fantastic directional information, but also topped of my emotional gas tank to delve even deeper into topics for BTU for the year ahead

Here’s some of the things that stood out to me from the interview.

  • When it comes to the length of military service for the people I interview, it doesn’t seem to matter as much as I thought it did
  • Most of you prefer interviews with veterans with 7-12 years of service - that seems to be the sweet spot
  • But this was followed by <5 years of service, 13-19, and distantly by those with 20+ years of service
  • What do I take from this
  • I’ll put a slight emphasis on those who serve 7-12 years,
  • But for the most part, it seems like a good interview and interesting career are what matter most
  • So I’ll prioritize that

When it comes to the types of interviews you would like to hear, there were some trends, 

but the biggest seemed to be that you all like variety. You would like more coverage or more topics, so… in 2018 we’re going to get freaky! 

I’ll try to cast a wider net, a

nd to that end, recommendations are always appreciated.

Some of the most requested industries were

  • Technology
  • Fianance
  • Consulting
  • Real Estate

Some of the more common functional roles were

  • Business Development
  • Product / program / project management
  • and marketin

The free form comments were both encouraging and informative. A few things that stood out:

  • The day-to-day details matter to many of you
  • You’ll already hear me putting this feedback to use in my upcoming interview with Wes Gray - which BTW, is over-the-top incredible - don’t miss it
  • And I’ll make sure I key in on that in future interviews
  • Challenge and mistakes also stood out - yes, most of you want to hear about the success stories but you want the honest assessments of what went wrong, what challenges they faced
  • Another point was how long does it take to find a job - great question, very relevant, and i’ll be sure to key in on that too

Tons of other great thoughts - thank you again to all of those you who shared - I’ll use this info to give future episodes a bit of a tune up. 

So from here, I’m hitting LinkedIn and finding the roles you all requested. I’ll also solicit recommendations via the email - be sure to sign up if you haven’t already.

One more thing - I am VERY fired up about the online events that will be occurring in January. Sign up to get more info -

veterans in consulting

we have locked in a date - January 17 at 6pm PST. I’ve secured two of the three speakers, and am honing in on the 3rd, It is going to be an epic event - you will not want to miss it so sign up, There will be a nominal fee for each of these events. the reason for that is one - to increase the commitment of those who want to attend. 2 - it’s a way to offset the cost of running this show, and helps me keep the data analysis and podcasts interviews free for all. But I guarantee you’ll get more out of this than out of a movie or out of 2 beers, which is likely to be the cost (unless I can find a sponsor).