Veterans in Investment Banking

How to identify, evaluate, and pursue a career in Investment Banking

What is the Veterans in Investment Banking seminar?

Veterans in Investment Banking is a live, 90-minute online seminar for Active Duty members of the Armed Forces and recently transitioned military veterans to assist in evaluating a career in Investment Banking. The seminar is hosted by Zoom video conference, and will feature a panel of three veterans who transitioned directly from Active Duty to Investment Banking. The seminar is designed to inform attendees of why they may love (or hate) a career in Investment Banking, understanding the Investment Banking landscape and career progression, and how best to apply to and prepare for Investment Banking interviews.

Seminar Overview

This seminar will consist of:

  • Pre-Seminar Survey to Submit & Vote on Panel Questions

  • 45-min Live Panel Conversation

  • 45-min Question & Answer Period

  • Copy of Video Seminar


Topics covered include:


  • What Investment Banks should Veterans consider?

  • What are typical entry positions for each Investment Banking company?

  • What are the typical roles in Investment Banking how long does it typically take to advance?

  • What careers do Investment Bankers pursue after their time consulting?

  • What is a range of pay one can expect at each progression level?

  • What is the lifestyle component associated with Investment Banking?

  • How to get an Investment Banking interview?

  • How to prepare for a Investment Banking interview?


Panel Moderator:

Host of Veterans in Consulting

Justin M. Nassiri – Justin is the host of Beyond the Uniform. He started out at the Naval Academy, after which he served for five years as an officer onboard nuclear submarines. He earned his MBA at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, after which he started, a marketing technology company with $3M in funding and over 35 Fortune 500 clients. As host of Beyond the Uniform, he has interviewed over 130 veterans about their civilian career, including the CEO of Pepsi, NFL players, and an Academy Award nominee.

Panelists: To be announced



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