The following is a recording of the Veterans in Consulting Panel held on January 17, 2018. Blake Lindsay - the representative from McKinsey & Co., was not able to join due to a last-minute flight delay. His interview will be added as soon as possible to answer the same questions.



Due to a last-minute travel conflict, Blake Lindsay was unable to join us for the seminar. I was able to catch him at the airport while flying to a client site to ask many of the questions we covered in the seminar. You can listen to his answers here:


In addition to the video and Blake's audio file, these resources may be helpful to you. There are five interviews I've conducted for Beyond the Uniform that would be great to listen to, as well as three articles that would be worth reading. All of these provide an abundance of additional helpful information about Veterans in Consulting:

  1. What I learned from 4,300 Military Veterans Working in Management Consulting
  2. Military Veterans @ Top 3 Consulting Companies: Data Analysis
  3. How Veterans Get Hired by McKinsey & Co. (original data analysis)
  4. BTU #1 – Blake Lindsay: Active Duty to Consulting @ McKinsey & Co.
  5. BTU #15 – Tom Spahn: Law School, Corporate Law, and Management Consulting
  6. BTU #29 – Eric Hulbert: Navy Aviation to BofA to the Boston ConsultingGroup
  7. BTU 143: Active Duty to Consultant at Bain & Co. (Trevor Miller)
  8. BTU #144 – Active Duty to the Boston Consulting Group (Kristen Sproat Colley)
  9. BTU #12 – Tim Avery: Consulting, the PhD Process, and Self-Knowledge