Mastermind Group

Next week, I’ll be introducing a new component of Beyond the Uniform: Mastermind Groups. While the podcast is intended to be an on-demand, free resource for any and all to enjoy, the Mastermind Group is intended for BTUers wanting to take things a step further. The purpose of the Mastermind Group is to create a group environment where we challenge and support each other to reach our full potential in our professional careers.

I’ll be using the survey below to help refine the offering, but here’s what I have so far:

  • The Mastermind Group will consist of ~5 members

  • There will be an application to join the group

  • I’ll meet with each member individually on a 30-minute video call to get to know you

  • As a group, we’ll meet once per month for one-hour on a video call. Each member will have the opportunity to give an update on where they are at in their career journey, and whatever challenges are biggest at that point in time. For the remainder of the call, we will brainstorm, advise, and hold each other accountable to take the best next step to move our career forward.

  • The group will also have monthly one-on-ones with me, monthly “office hours” for optional additional advice, and a private Facebook group.

If this sounds interesting, I would greatly appreciate your completing the form below. I will share the results of this survey (without disclosing names) as part of my next newsletter, and will refine the Mastermind Group offering based on the group’s feedback.



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