BTU #188 - "Nice Guys" and Prioritizing Your Needs (Dr. Robert Glover)

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Dr. Glover is the author of the book, No More Mr. Nice Guy: A Proven Plan For Getting What You Want in Love, Sex and Life. The New York Times has called him a “psychology guru”. In his 30+ year career he has worked with me in one-on-one therapy, group environments, online course, podcasts, and more. Dr. Glover has helped change the lives of countless men and women around the world. As a result of his work, Dr. Glover has helped thousands of Nice Guys transform from being passive, resentful victims to empowered, integrated males. Along with these personal changes have come similar transformations in these men's professional careers and intimate relationships.

Why Listen: 

Many of the Veterans I have interviewed on the show talk about the transition they face in their civilian career of having to put their needs first and shift their priorities. This often comes at odds to their previous training of putting their team, unit, and country far ahead of their personal needs. While this is an adjustment, it is crucial for Veterans to be able to identify their personal values and look out for their own needs. Dr. Glover is a leading expert in what he calls "the Nice Guy syndrome" and people who have similar problems to this.

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